TCBFresno: Downtown Fresno Tours: One Fresnan’s Quest to Show Off His City

Downtown Fresno Tours: One Fresnan’s Quest to Show Off His City

Pedro Urena wants to show you how beautiful Fresno is downtown!

This Saturday, March 19, at 2:00pm, you are invited to a Dessert Tour at Yogurt Etc in downtown Fresno! It’s free to all ages and includes delicious samples, a sneak peak at the new menu, and hearing the benefits of yogurt from owner David Goldberg. Register here and get in on the goods! The Dessert Tour will last 1 hour.

Who’s behind this tour, you ask? Pedro Urena. That’s who. This weekend’s Dessert Tour is the second downtown tour Pedro has organized. The first was a tour of the Bitwise South Stadium on March 9th. Thirteen people enjoyed this educational tour showing off the tech business hub. Those on the tour noted that they were very appreciative of the information provided and the opportunity to see the building and the active businesses inside.

Who is Pedro Urena?

So, who is Pedro Urena and why is he organizing tours in downtown Fresno? A former downtown business ambassador, Pedro interacted with businesses regularly and knows the struggles many face during this time of economic upheaval. Pedro started an Instagram account (beautiful_downtownfresno) to show off the many businesses downtown. His desire is to use his photography and social media skills to help those around him. Over the last year, Pedro has posted over 300 photos of the sites, businesses, and people of downtown Fresno. He has amassed nearly 2,500 followers—it takes great photos to gather that kind of following in such a short time—who now also see just how beautiful downtown Fresno really is.

Pedro makes some beautiful downtown Fresno art totes!

Pedro also creates unique Fresno souvenirs that you can purchase directly from him or through his Etsy site, including handmade Fresno photo coasters which are great for home, office, and events. Other unique products include magnets, greeting cards, postcards, notebooks, bookmarks, prints, and tote bags. Possible future products may include calendars and photo books. Stop by his site today and grab some great products that show off our favorite city!

Why Tours of Downtown Fresno?

“I like to travel and learn all the time. I visited three businesses in San Francisco, a dessert and coffee tour, which I really enjoyed. This trip inspired me to start business tours, more fun adventures in downtown.”

Pedro saw the success of other downtown tours that feature either the businesses or buildings of Fulton mall and others that highlight the architecture and historical landmarks of downtown Fresno. He hadn’t seen any that featured specific businesses and decided to begin organizing it himself.

Pedro knows that there are many great businesses—restaurants, shops, and services—that many people who aren’t downtown all the time may not know about. The tours are part of his active vision of helping bring awareness to the masses of what downtown has to offer us all. His tours are more like events as they include demonstrations of dish preparations and hands-on learning experiences, things that are specific to the business itself. Gives the business owners a chance to show off their own expertise and what makes them unique. What a fun way to learn about our city!

What’s next?

The next tour in April will be a foodie tour at a restaurant downtown. The tour will be hands-on where you can learn to prepare a great dish and enjoy a meal. May’s tour will highlight baked goods and pastries. Pedro is still working on the details for these tours so keep an eye on his Instagram page for more info as it becomes available (and we’ll keep you informed as well).

One thing we know for sure is that the Dessert Tour and the future tours will be fun, tasty, and informative. Thanks Pedro for helping both the people of downtown and those outside of downtown to come together for a great time!

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