TCBFresno Downtown: Zamora Taqueria

Aubrey’s Awesome Spots: Zamora Taqueria

Awesome Spot: Zamora Taqueria

Specialty Salvadorian Cuisine
Address 619 E. Divisadero (corner of Divisadero and Broadway in Downtown Fresno)
Hours Open Daily 9 am-7:30 pm
Accepts credit cards Yes

Pupusas to Die For

I live and work in Downtown Fresno. You could say I’ve made it one of my quests during the weekends in particular, to find authentic, affordable dining options open 7 days a week. One of those gems I have been lucky enough to discover for myself has been Zamora Taqueria. This small and unassuming building serves up authentic Salvadorian cuisine, and they specialize in the preparation and execution of the pupusa.

In case you are new to the world of pupusas, basically, they are made by hand rolling and shaping corn dough, filled with a variety of mouth-watering ingredients, and finally griddled to a golden brown on a large iron skillet. Pupusas have vegetarian options as well, so make sure you ask before you order (they’ve been very friendly and explain to newbies like myself in the past).

Perhaps one of my favorite features of the humble set up of this restaurant is that you order at the front counter, and while you anxiously await your order to be prepared, you watch some seriously skilled ladies pat out the corn dough as the aromas fill the small space quickly. Stomach growls and groans are commonplace as your order finishes and arrives at your table. And let me tell you, you are in for a treat once it does arrive.

TCBFresno Downtown: Zamora Taqueria PupusasIf you order a pupusa plate there, you can choose two pupusas—whichever fillings you like—and it comes with a fried plantain, crema, and beans. I tend to order a la carte as I became quite full after my first visit when I ordered two. They’re satisfying and they’re oozing deliciousness as soon as you cut into one (knife and fork are encouraged as they get quite messy). They will also bring some cabbage slaw as a topping if you like, and I say try it. Why not? You made it to a place you may have otherwise passed by. I love it with the crunch of the slaw.

Do yourself a favor, add a new restaurant to your lineup, and visit them today.








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