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TheChatterBox guys first want to thank you for stopping by! We hope you are digging having a place to check out the great things happening in and around Fresno.

And we know there is way more going on out there that we haven’t covered. If you’d like to share a piece you’ve written or would like to become a regular contributor, we’re always looking for great writing highlighting the awesomeness that is Fresno! Shoot us an email by clicking on the email button below. Let’s chat!


We use the hashtag #TCBFresno for two reasons. First, TCB stands for our name, TheChatterBox. That’s pretty obvious. But the second use is not known to all, but was used heavily by Mr. Elvis Presley himself. TCB stands for Taking Care of Business. Elvis used TCB all the time. He had it emblazoned on the tail of his personal airplane. He had rings and necklaces made. It was his philosophy. The term embodied the philosophy of doing that which needs to be done, kind of like Nike’s “Just Do It” campaign. But it also embodied the idea that those in the know were a brotherhood that took care of each other as well. Elvis wrote this TCB oath in the fashion of his martial arts creed for him and his cohort to follow (including a bit of humor):

Elvis Presley TCB Oath
TCB, baby. TCB!

More self-respect, more respect for fellow man.
Respect for fellow students and instructors.
Respect for all styles and techniques.
Body conditioning, mental conditioning, meditation for calming and stilling of the mind and body.
Sharpen your skills, increase mental awareness, for all those that might choose a new outlook and personal philosophy.
Freedom from constipation.

All techniques into one.

Elvis Presley 8th
Applying all techniques into one.

TCB, to us, is also a philosophy of getting things done and taking care of each other in the process. When we see someone doing something great for Fresno, they are definitely #TCBFresno.

If you’d like to know more about the guys behind TheChatterBox Fresno, hop on over to www.thechatterboxguys.com and check it out. We are a digital marketing agency local to Fresno (though we have clients in other localities—we don’t discriminate against non-Fresnans) and geared toward the small business. We’d love to help your company grow through strategic digital marketing. Stop by and say hi!